Meet The "Million Dollar Shack": Documentary Lays Bare California's Housing Bubble

“It’s almost impossible to find a home from San Jose to San Francisco for less than a million dollars.” 

That’s a quote from a short documentary entitled “Million Dollar Shack: Trapped in Silicon Valley's Housing Bubble” which comprises 23 minutes of sheer, unadulterated comedy even as it very effectively critiques the extent to which America has learned absolutely nothing from the meltdown in 2008.

This clip has it all: absurd prices for rundown properties, soaring costs for rentals, even a tent in someone’s backyard that goes for $46 a night (you get an extension cord, one shower a day, and wi-fi) and all courtesy of i) greed, ii) an utter inability to learn from the past, and iii) the meteoric rise of Silicon Valley “unicorns” with stratospheric valuations.

To say “this won’t end well” would be an understatement...