Brits Turn To "Sugar Daddy" To 'Date' Their Way Out Of Student Debt

While record numbers of indebted Americans are increasingly turning to exchanging bodily fluids directly for cash, it appears (by implication) British students are taking a similar (but indirect) path to reducing their debt loads. As Sky News reports, thousands of British students are funding their way through university on so-called "Sugar Daddy" websites. One site,, claims 12,600 UK students have signed up with proof of university enrolment, with some making over $3,000 per month for her 'arrangement' enabling her to pay off her student loan and travel more. While sex is not 'expected', as one female student explained, "there's a fine line between being a 'sugar baby' and prostitution."

Well, not really...

The sites advertise themselves as a way for "beautiful, ambitious people to graduate debt free" through "arrangements" with older "sponsors"...

"Attending college means you have a choice: take out loans and eat ramen, or get a Sugar Daddy and live the life you always wanted." (on your back?)

All seems above board?!??

In an interview with Sky News, Brandon Wade, the founder of denied it was an escort site but that it enabled "sugar babies" to "upgrade their lifestyle".

He said sex was never expected, but it is aspired to and that the website had led to countless marriages worldwide.

"You want to find somebody who is well educated, who can provide for you financially, you know it's sort of the Disney dream so to say," said Mr Wade.

However, a married 62-year-old sugar daddy who is currently seeing four sugar babies told Sky News:

"I wouldn't be able to meet girls as young and as beautiful as this through an ordinary dating website".


He also said that "sex is an integral part of the site".


He believed consensual relationships were "really appropriate for students" looking to supplement their bank accounts.


"What a great way to get a little bit of extra pocket money and much better than having to spend eight hours slogging in a bar earning the minimum wage," he added.

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What better way indeed...