Caught On Tape: ISIS, Meet Russian Mi-24 Attack Helicopter

From the time Russia began flying sorties from Latakia, the world has been transfixed. Watching Moscow fire back up the country’s long dormant military juggernaut has been the story for five weeks running and The Kremlin hasn’t shied away from capitalizing on its newfound military glory. 

Near daily videos from the Russian Defense Ministry purport to show Moscow’s warplanes decimating targets in preparation for Hezbollah ground incursions and Russian media are rife with depictions of the air force bearing down on anti-regime fighters. 

As we’ve emphasized on a number of occasions, as satisfying as it may be to watch the Russians make a mockery of US foreign policy, one needs to approach Kremlin agitprop with the same degree of skepticism as one employs when assessing the American media. 

That said, it’s undeniably entertaining to watch the Russian military engage militants and on that note we say “militants, meet Russian Mi-24 attack helicopter.”

Allahu Akbar”...