White House Press Briefing - Live Feed

It appears President Obama, not wanting to provide every alternative-media site with a perfect 'compare and contrast' from September 2014's "putting U.S. troops on the ground would be a profound mistake,"  has handed the responsibility for announcing American "boots on the ground" in Syria to his Press Secretary. "If you like your boots on the ground, well, you can keep them.. in Syria."


Presenting with minimal commentary (details are here), a gentle reminder from the not so disant past...

As CBS reported in September 2014,

while not quite as gung-ho as Biden's "gates of hell" speech, President Obama appears to have stepped up his rhetoric from 'contain' to 'defeat' as he stated "we will hunt down [ISIS] members and assets wherever they are," but carefully added putting U.S. troops on the ground would be a "profound mistake."

And today's White House Press Briefing...


As we concluded earlier, make no mistake, this will be a disaster.

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Finally, we could not helpo but find supremely dismal irony in the fact that at 515ET this evening, President Obama and the First Lady will welcome children of Military Families to Trick-or-Treat at the White House