Caught On Tape: Neo-Nazis Maul Greek Politician In Front Of Parliament

Having disappeared from the daily headline news, Greece - whose political sovereignty may or may not exist any more, following the farcical development from this summer's "referendum" and the subsequent third bailout - was supposed to be fixed, if only for the time being, and its economy and society back on a normally functioning track.

Sadly, that appears to not be the case as the following scene which just unfolded earlier today in front of the parliament building in Athens suggests.

Protothema reports that New Democracy MP George Koumoutsakos participated in the protest organized by the Pontian Association of Greece in Syntagma square against the statements of Minister of Education Nikos Filis who refuted the Pontic Genocide and the fact that this chapter has been removed from the high school student books of Greek history.

Naftemporiki adds according to the MP, the attack was conducted by sympathizers of the neo-nazi Golden Dawn party. Koumoutsakos says that unknown people in the crowd began shouting slogans such as "thugs, traitors, politicians" - because one assumes those three are synonymous - and the group then proceeded to attack the member of parliament.

The incident was caught on video:

Photos from the altercation confirmed the mauling:


MP Koumoutsakos attacked by a group of people (pics+vid)




At least some very angry Greeks still have not gotten the memo that they are now "fixed"...


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