Photographer Captures Amazing Time-Lapse Video Of Trident Ballistic Missile Launch

Earlier today, we reported that just after 9pm local time on Saturday evening, a dramatic white light lit up not only all of California, but stretches of Arizona and Nevada, in what was subsequently revealed to be an unannounced launch of a Trident II (D5) missile from the Kentucky, an Ohio-class ballistic missile submarine situated off Point Mugu. But while the entire internet was throttled under the weight of millions of snapshots and short underexposed clips of the missile flight being uploaded to YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, one person captured the whole event in its dramatic entirety on time-lapse photography.

That person was Justin Majeczky, who was conducting time-lapse photography above the Golden Gate bridge, when he noticed an unexpected object in his viewfinder: an ICBM.

The result, first noted by Foxtrot Alpha, is 3 minutes of breathtaking imagery that not only catches the missile emerging from the horzion following its submarine launch, but disappearing far off into the sky on its long voyage to the Marshall Islands.