Dramatic Footage Of Paris Attack Released, Shows Gunman Opening Fire On Pizzeria

In the immediate aftermath of the ISIS attacks that left 130 people dead in Paris last Friday, video footage emerged from inside the Bataclan concert hall where dozens were gunned down before police could storm and secure the building. 

The videos generally show the band playing and near the end, automatic gunfire is audible in the background. The bewildered band keeps playing for a moment and then begins to back away. 

Until now, those short clips were the only visuals we had of the attacks but on Thursday, Daily Mail has released the first footage to depict the Kalashnikov assault on the La Casa Nostra pizzeria on Rue de la Fontaine au Roi in the 11th arrondissement.

The footage, taken from CCTV cameras, shows glass shattering as the gunman opens fire while the staff and patrons duck for cover, but the most incredible part of the clip comes 35 seconds in, when the assailant stands over two female victims, raises his assault rifle to execute them, only to have the gun jam. The two women escape and the shooter flees.

Daily Mail has more color (they apparently know exactly what everyone involved was thinking and they've got an embelished play-by-play you can read by clicking on the link above), but for our purposes, suffice to say this likely won't be the last "leaked" CCTV footage you'll see in the days and weeks to come as Hollande makes the case both for stepped up military intervention in eastern Syria (for now, but eventually "western Syria" as well because while Moscow and Paris may be "allies" for the time being, once the wrangling for Assad's future starts, you may see that change) as well as for changes to the French constitution.

Remember: "France is at war."