This Is How Far America Has Fallen

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Give me liberty, or give me death!


– Partrick Henry, American Founding Father, 1775


They value their civil liberties more than they value life. I disagree with that. You want to be free and dead? I’d rather be not free and alive


– Billionaire Hillary Clinton donor Haim Saban, 2015

Just in case you’re wondering what the people bankrolling Hillary Clinton’s Presidential campaign think about civil liberties, you now have your answer.

Here’s what billionaire Haim Saban had to say about civil liberties during an interview with The Wrap:

What are people in Hollywood saying about the Paris terror attacks?


Many members of the Hollywood community are very liberal and they value their civil liberties more than they value life. I disagree with that. You want to be free and dead? I’d rather be not free and alive. The reality is that certain things that are unacceptable in times of peace — such as profiling, listening in on anyone and everybody who looks suspicious, or interviewing Muslims in a more intense way than interviewing Christian refugees —  is all acceptable [during war]. Why? Because we value life more than our civil liberties and it’s temporary until the problem goes away. But to say this is shameful — I disagree.


[ISIS] said, ‘We’re going to Paris,’ and they went to Paris. They’re saying they’re now going to Washington. Watch out, they might. I’m not suggesting we put Muslims through some kind of a torture room to get them to admit that they are or they’re not terrorists. But I am saying we should have more scrutiny. 

Yes, because it’s so liberal to push a false Orwellian choice between freedom and safety. The entire concept of civilization and liberty revolves around the belief individuals never have to make such a sacrifice Indeed, America never would have been founded in the first place had the colonists accepted Saban’s infantile logic.

How does this guy sound any different from George W. Bush or Dick Cheney? The answer is he doesn’t, which makes perfect sense because Hillary Clinton is a dyed in the wool neocon. Always has been always will be. Meanwhile, The Wrap highlighted just how important Haim Saban is to Hillary…

TheWrap spoke to Saban about his support for the Democratic presidential frontrunner — he and and his wife, Cheryl, gave $2 million to Priorities USA Action, Clinton’s Super PAC, and hosted a fundraiser in May that netted another $2 million.

In case you forget, I’ve highlighted Saban in the past. Recall the following from the post, Inside the Mind of an Oligarch – Sheldon Adelson Proclaims “I Don’t Like Journalism”:

At the conference, which also featured top Democratic funder Haim Saban, Adelson also said Israel would not be able to survive as a democracy: “So Israel won’t be a democratic state, so what?” he asked Saban, adding that democracy, after all, is not mentioned in the Torah,and recommended that the country build a “big wall” to protect itself, saying, “I would put up a big wall around my property.”


Saban and Adelson should buy The New York Times together in an effort to bring more “balance” to the newspaper’s coverage of Israel and the Middle East, Adelson suggested to wild applause. Adelson already owns Israel Hayom, a free Israeli newspaper widely seen as reflecting the positions of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is considered close to Adelson, and, more recently, news website NRG and religious newspaper Makor Rishon.


Haim Saban, a media mogul and close Democratic ally of Hillary Rodham Clinton, criticized President Obama’s outreach to Iran, declaring that “we’ve shown too many carrots and a very small stick.”


Still, Saban said that he thinks Clinton would repair the relationship and that he has told her he would spend “whatever it takes” to propel her into the White House. That includes giving millions of dollars to Priorities USA, a super PAC that helped Obama in 2012 and is revving up to aid Clinton in 2016.

But hey…

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