France Releases Picture Of Third Stadium Suicide Bomber

In the days following the deadly attacks that left some 130 people dead in Paris, French authorities scrambled to identify the attackers and determine if other cells operating in France and Belgium were on the verge of staging similar operations. 

As it turns out, not only were there more "teams" set to wreak havoc on the city (specifically on La Defense and Quatre Temps), but in fact, the "mastermind" of last Friday's mayhem - a 27-year old, rising "star" in jihadist circles named Abdelhamid Abaaoud - was in fact hiding out just two kilometers from the site of the stadium bombings. 

Now, as Belgium locks down Brussels and ransacks Molenbeek searching for Salah Abdeslam, two other "terrorists", and an accomplice of Jihadi John known only as "CF", France has released a picture of the third Stade de France bomber. 

So apparently, he goes here...

If you think you might have seen him somewhere (you know, like if you happen to have been rafting in the Mediterranean lately or maybe if you were recently hanging out with friends in Molenbeek and noticed someone making a suicide belt in the kitchen), you're encouraged to contact French authorities immediately.