At Least A Dozen Killed In Tunisian Capital As ISIS Targets Presidential Guards

Update: ISIS has now claimed responsibility for the attack.

Five months (nearly to the day) after a gunman stormed the popular resort of Port El Kantaoui, north of Sousse in Tunisia killing 38 people including 30 British citizens with a Kalashnikov, multiple sources are reporting that an explosion in the capital has hit a bus carrying presidential guards. 

Six people were killed and “many” are injured, an interior ministry official told Al Arabiya. who adds that “the explosion took place at the intersection of the two main streets of the Tunisian capital.” 

From local media:

Translated: "...a terrorist attack has caused a number of deaths on the Mohamed V Avenue in Tunis"

Reuters, meanwhile, says "at least 11 people have been killed" accordig to a source in the president's office while other sources put the death toll at 15.

Early images from the scene: