ISIS Reveals Picture Of Suicide Bomber Who Killed A Dozen In Tuesday Attack On Tunisian Capital

Tunisia became the latest victim of an ISIS terror attack on Tuesday when a suicide bomber detonated, killing at least 12 and destroying a bus carrying Presidential guard troops. 

As we noted in the moments after the explosion (which occurred on Mohamed V Avenue in the capital of Tunis), the attack came five months (nearly to the day) after a gunman stormed the popular resort of Port El Kantaoui, north of Sousse in Tunisia killing 38 people including 30 British citizens with a Kalashnikov.

"This (bus bombing) is an evolution in the behavior of the terrorists, this time they attacked a symbol of the state and in the heart of the capital," Prime Minister Habib Essid told reporters.  

"According to the preliminary details, the attacker was wearing a bag on his back. He had on a coat and was wearing headphones. He blew himself up just getting into the door of the bus with military explosives," a security official said on Wednesday. According to the interior ministry, the bomber was carrying 10 kilograms (22 pounds) of explosives.

Tunisia “is one of the most secular Arab countries [and] has enjoyed relative stability since its uprising compared with neighbors Libya and Egypt,” Reuters notes, adding that “it has a new constitution, held free elections and established compromise politics between secular and Islamist parties that has allowed some progress.” 

Still, it’s been the target of numerous attacks in addition to the Port El Kantaoui massacre including the assault on the Bardo Museum earlier this year.

In the wake of Tuesday's bombing, the government has declared a state of emergency and, like Brussels, has turned the streets into a veritable warzone. Again from Reuters:

"Around Tunis on Wednesday, troops and armed police patrolled the city streets and set up checkpoints searching vehicles and pedestrians. At Tunis international airport security forces were allowing in only people with booked flights."



Here's the statement from ISIS:

And here is a picture of the alleged attacker:

There was no word on whether he had a Syrian passport...