Greek Prime Minister Joins Diplomatic Scandal Between Russia And Turkey With 4 Tweets

Either Greece, having fallen off the face of the geopolitical event map now that it is a vassal state of Frankfurt and Brussels, is in dire need of media attention and as a result the Greek prime minister has decided to intervene directly in the biggest diplomatic scandal to have gripped the international community in years, the one between Russia and Turkey, or the intern manning Tsipras twitter account is about to join the roughly 25% of the Greek population that is unemployed.

Perhaps this is just Tsipras' opening salvo in Greece's own money-for-refugees negotiations with the EU, having seen the dramatic success Turkey just experienced when moments ago it was awarded €3 billion for funding ISIS flooding Europe with Syrian refugees.

That said, any and all comparisons between current geopolitical events rapidly spiraling out of control and in the aftermath of the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand, are purely arbitrary.

Update: Tsipras (or rather his Twitter PR person) already deleted the tweets but it was too late as they have been clearly saved for posterity.


Update 2: Turkey has responded... where else: on Twitter.