GOP Panic? Republican 'Operatives' Unleash "Anti-Trump" Super-PAC

It appears Donald Trump's latest outburst has pushed the GOP to hit the panic button (just as we warned was probable). Just four months after Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Reince Priebus said that Donald Trump is offering his party’s voters a breath of fresh air, WSJ reports that Republican 'operative' Liz Mair is launching "Trump Card LLC" - a SuperPAC aimed at torpedo-ing The Donald's campaign.

Mr. Trump’s durability at the top of polls has surprised establishments Republicans, who are starting to push back. As The Wall Street Journal reports...

 Liz Mair, former online communications director for the Republican National Committee, created a limited liability company in October called Trump Card LLC - a super PAC that could collect unlimited funds from individual donors.


The anti-Trump effort is focusing on the two states hosting the earliest nominating contests, Iowa and New Hampshire. In an e-mail to supporters, Ms. Mair said the group has reached out to 150 churches in Iowa, 50 community leaders in New Hampshire and media outlets in both states. She said the group is circulating opposition research about his business record, support for socialized medicine and position on abortion, including recent comments in which he declined to say definitively whether the Supreme Court decision legalizing most abortions should be overturned.


"Where Trump is concerned, many are alarmed at what he says and believes with regard to topics like these when they learn where he really is on these matters," Ms. Mair said in the e-mail, which was sent before Mr. Trump released his proposal to ban Muslims’ entry to the U.S.

Ms. Mair has declined to identify any sources of funding for the limited liability company, but a new super PAC would eventually have to disclose contributions and expenses to the Federal Election Commission.

Ms. Mair refers to the other anti-Trump initiatives in her e-mail. “As we have said before and continue to say, we are not the only game in town,” she said. “We don’t believe that politics need be a zero-sum game, and are pleased to be able to help those of you looking for additional ways to support the cause to identify and fund those.”


A super PAC backing Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s presidential bid, New Day for America, has announced it will spent $2.5 million on ads critical of Mr. Trump.


And Mike Fernandez, a top supporter to the super PAC backing Jeb Bush, Right to Rise, is paying for newspaper ads condemning Mr. Trump as an “insecure, narcissitic BULLYionaire” and indirectly comparing him to Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini.

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For now he remains the Teflon Don...


So who will the new Anti-Trump SuperPac be targeting? As's Rob Leatham explains, here are some selected characteristics of the 10–15 million people that Facebook identifies as fans of Donald Trump, or his campaign...

I compare the incidence of each row with the overall incidence across the entire US Facebook population and show a red negative score if Trump fans are underrepresented in that population, or a green positive score if Trump fans tend to overindex for that characteristic.



Trump fans skew heavily male (60% vs. 46% for all Facebook)



Veterans, Current Military, Cleaners, and ironically Government Employees dominate the jobs of Trump's fans with Nurses, Healthcare workers, and teachers under-represented.



And it appears Floridians are particularly keen on the outspoken presidential nominee...


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In sum, the biggest Republican nightmare is coming true, because all that really matters is: if Trump can appeal to the silent, but vast majority - and so far he is doing just that - that is wholeheartedly sick of the fake left-right divide which has made a mockery of representative government and is pandering only to select special interests who have hijacked the US government in the past century, not only is the Trump's nomination "looking more likely" but so is the Trump presidency.