Caught On Tape: The White House Says "Fake Hair" Trump's Comments "Disqualify Him From Serving As President"

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest lambasted Donald Trump's "carnival barker routine" Tuesday, as reports Earnest proclaiming the Republican presidential candidate's recent proposal to ban Muslims from the United States is "disqualifying." But the bastion of respectability did not stop there... "The Trump campaign, for some time now, has had a 'dustbin of history'-like quality to it, from the vacuous sloganeering, to the outright lies; even the fake hair," Earnest said, adding the pertinent question is whether Republicans are "going to be dragged into the dustbin of history" with the Trump campaign.

Earnest told reporters that Trump’s proposal shows the business mogul is incapable of preserving, protecting, and defending the Constitution, and thus “disqualifies him from serving as president.”

Earnest - reading this straight from his notes - explains...

However, lying to the American public time and time again makes the current (and prospective Democrat nominee) President highly qualified?