A tale of two home invasions

This is a tale of two home invasions.

First, some highlights from this article.

May 1, 2015

 Adrian Anthony, 21; Demetre Brown, 22; Alexander Dupree, 24; and Michael Pugh, 23; were sentenced Friday, after a jury on March 10 found them guilty of a host of felony charges, including rape, criminal deviate conduct, carjacking, criminal confinement, aggravated battery and robbery.

The convictions were handed down about 18 months after the men broke into a house on East 79th Street, ransacked the home, sexually assaulted resident Eileen Potenza and her adult daughter and left with many of their belongings. The Indianapolis Star typically does not name people who are or may have been victims of sexual assault, but Potenza spoke publicly about the ordeal after the verdicts were handed down. 

Eileen Potenza and her husband, Carl, both read emotional statements in court before Borges handed down the sentences. Carl Potenza, who has a physical problem that requires him to wear leg braces, was beaten up and held captive in a bedroom during the burglary.


                 Gang raped mother and daughter

Carl Potenza said the brutal violation of his wife and daughter continue to haunt him. Another daughter, who was not home at the time, also was traumatized and is in counseling, he said. 

Still, Carl Potenza said, the "two hours of hell" was followed by an amazing outpouring of help and support from friends and strangers touched by their horrific experience. 

He concluded his statement by saying "we don't want these guys to ever have a chance to do something like this again." 

Turning to the four defendants — who sat handcuffed, shackled and connected at the waist by heavy chains — the preschool teacher asked: "When and why did your lives go so terribly wrong that you thought that this behavior was OK?" 

Answers to some of her questions were revealed in court Friday. Prosecutors noted all four young men had criminal records, both as juveniles and adults, before the home 2013 invasion. All had extensive histories of drug and alcohol abuse. And all had histories of violating court orders and prison rules, as well as failed attempts at rehabilitation. 

But the horrific "nature of the crimes," Borges said, clearly outweighed any mitigating circumstances that would have justified reducing the sentences. She noted the men did not just attack and rob the family, they humiliated the victims over the course of hours. 

According to graphic details of the crimes revealed during the trial in March, the four men and two friends drove to the Potenza home early on Oct. 29, 2013. Eileen and her daughter said in court that they each were forced to drive to an ATM to get money. Eileen Potenza was shot twice — in the leg and in the ankle — for trying to escape. 

Carl Potenza was restrained in the bedroom with a blanket over him throughout the home invasion. 

Anthony admitted that he shot Eileen Potenza and sexually assaulted her in a car, after they had left the home to go to the ATM. At least four of the men sexually assaulted the couple's daughter.

Some of the same men also are charged in another brutal home invasion that happened five days earlier in a young couple's home on North Spring Mill Road, less than three miles away. The two vicious attacks left residents across the city on edge. 

Anthony also was convicted in April in the murder of construction worker Robbie Gibson, during a Nov. 27, 2013, armed robbery on North Gray Street — about a month after he and the other men burglarized and robbed two Far-Northside homes. He is awaiting sentencing in that case, which will add even more time in prison. 

Spells also pleaded guilty to burglary in the Spring Mill Road home invasion. He faces a sentence of 50 to 80 years in prison on all charges in the two cases and is scheduled to be sentenced July 29.


Next, contrast the Potenza's story with these highlights from this article. 

September 30, 2015

FOLKSTON, Ga. -- Two sisters fought back against the man police say attacked them inside of their own home, killing him in the process. 

Police said it happened about 7 p.m. Tuesday night in a Charlton County, Georgia home on Cedar Ridge Road. That's when Johnathan Green allegedly barged in and attacked before one of the sisters fatally shot him.


Green's body was sent to Savannah for an autopsy.

Johnathan Green was shot to death by a woman police say he attacked. His family says otherwise.  

Taylor said both sisters are over the age of 65. One moved in to take care of the other, he told First Coast News. 

First Coast News spoke to Green's family, who said Green was mentally incompetent and would have never done something like authorities are alleging.


As the cliché goes: when seconds count, the police are only minutes away.  Speaking of mentally incompetent, thank God those sisters had, "common sense," to have a gun and know how to use it, to borrow President Obama's favorite gun phrase.

Of course, you can agree to give up your natural right of self defense, and the Second Amendment that was written to stop the government from infringing upon this natural right, in the hopes that the government will protect you, like in Chicago, where they have severe gun control laws.

If you really do not want to be a victim in your own home, then get an equalizer that can stop an attacker, or multiple attackers.  In my experience, that equalizer is a firearm, especially if you are a woman over 65, or disabled.  But for the love of God, get good training on how to use it, and how to safely practice using it.  Then practice regularly, keep it handy, and away from small children, until they can learn how to safely use it, like this 14 year old.  Please read my article:  Guide for Learning to Use a Sidearm to Defend Yourself, Your Loved Ones, and Your Property, Should a Race War Break Out.

Next, answer the following important question: HOW LONG ARE THE SCREWS SECURING THE HINGES OF YOUR FRONT DOOR?  

Go unscrew one and measure it now, friends.  It will take less than one minute.

If they are less than 3 inches, or you do not have a good deadbolt, then you have a one-kick-door.   We will see how you do when a vehicle loaded with bad hombres pulls into your driveway...and a moment later are all in your home with guns to your head.  

We need to take responsibility for our own safety, and to have our mind, body, and equipment ready at all times. We all need to work together to create an environment that is hostile to bad guys.  We don't need more gun-free zones like San Bernadino (14 killed),  Ft. Hood (13 killed), Sandy Hook (27 killed), Columbine High School (13 killed), and Utøya Norway, (77 killed), where psychopaths can mow us down at their leisure.  The hope that criminals and psychopaths will not obtain or use weapons because it is illegal is a fantasy.  Again, just look at Chicago, and Paris.

Don't EVER open the door for strangers.  Always keep your doors locked, install door jamb armor with 3-1/2 stainless screws, always use the intercom when someone rings, always carry a weapon, and get the training and find the will to use it.

    "An armed society is a polite society, " -Heinlein.

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