Trump Takes Nation By Storm: More Americans Agree With Muslim Ban Than Reject It

In case you were confused how it is that Donald Trump's polling numbers could increase following his Muslim-ban comments (which have beeen widely denigrated by any and all talking head who can fog a mirror - from The White House down...), here is the "surely not us?" answer.

As The Hill reports, a new post-Trump survey by Rasmussed finds that 46% of likely voters would favor a policy preventing Muslim immigrants from entering the country until tighter screening procedures can be implemented, while only 40% would oppose such a measure.



In direct opposition to what The White House said (that Trump’s proposal is "totally contrary to our values as Americans,") it is apparent from this survey that the Obama Administration does not know its 'constituents' as well as it may have thought.

Simply put, based on this poll, more Americans - republicans and democrats - support Trump's idea of banning the entry of Muslims into America than oppose it, and now that it is 'polling' as a populist idea, we await Hillary Clinton to jump on the bandwagon.