President Obama Explains How He Just 'Saved' The World From Its Greatest Threat - Live Feed

"Mission Accomplished?" Amid failure after failure for President Obama's 'legacy' policies, Americans can rest assured that the "historic" signing of today's climate accord will be spun in its most positive, "see, I saved the world from its greatest threat" awesomeness, despite, as we detailed earlier, the utter farce of it all


Despite its watering down for The Saudis, and total lack of enforceability, leaders and the environmental community hailed the United Nations agreement has a historic turning point that has the potential to stave off the worst expected effects of global warming.

The media is already crowing of Obama's "big win"...

Adoption of the accord is a major win for President Obama. He has made it a central piece of his second-term climate agenda to get an international agreement, since domestic action can only make a small dent in the world’s greenhouse gases.


Obama has taken a leading international role leading up to the Paris conference, securing major environmental pledges from countries like Brazil and Mexico, and the first-ever promise from China to limit its greenhouse gas output.

And so is he...And all "thanks to American leadership..."

Live Feed (President Obama is due to speak at 1730ET...)

See you in 2099... After all the warm words of developed countries on a 1.5C limit, the new text contains no obligation to stay under this threshold. Shockingly, the text could allow for carbon emissions to continue until 2099.