Investors Lose Faith - Slumping Stocks Give Up All Yellen Gains

It appears the "what the market missed" that we detailed earlier - This sets the Fed on a collision course with the market because "with the market pricing fewer hikes than the Fed suggests, someone is going to end up being wrong," - is starting to filter out to the mainstream. Despite exuberant buying in FANGs, the broad market indices have retraced the post-Yellen exuberance as bond yields fade, hinting at the market's growing realization that this could be a policy error.

Why are we selling off? Simple - Gartman "went modestly long of equities" because "he really had no choice."

All we know is that the trend remains upward and it was for that reason that although we were cautious and recommended openly that it was wise, ahead of the Fed’s decision, to become neutral of equities (a position obviously we wish we had not taken, with the benefit of hindsight), we did not and would not recommend being short of the equity market.


As we have said for years, and shall say as long as we are able to write TGL on a daily basis, in a bull market there are only three positions that one can have: Aggressively long of equities; modestly long of equities, or neutral of them. As of earlier this week, ahead of the Fed meeting, we advocated neutrality. Now we have to suggest the middle course once again. We’ve really no choice.

Fed Gains Gone...


Of course, some idiots just can't help themselves... NFLX +5% post-Fed!!??


Who could have seen that coming?


And HYG is giving is back fast...


Of course, with OPEX looming, the machines will do all in their power to defend key levels before tomorrow's open... but after that... what happens next.