Obama Takes Iran Victory Lap - Live Feed

Things got a little rocky last week when Iran seized 10 sailors and 2 US Navy boats near Farsi Island on the eve of Obama's final state-of-the-union address, but by Saturday ("Implementation Day") the crewmen and their vessels were back in American hands, four American hostages including Jason Rezaian were free, and John Kerry was in Vienna to put the finishing touches on the administration's crowing achievement. 

As expected, the IAEA ruled that Tehran had stuck to its commitments under last year’s nuclear accord.

Moments after the ruling was handed down, the US and the EU each lifted nuclear-related financial and economic sanctions on the “pariah state,” much to the chagrin of Israel and Tehran’s regional rivals who view the West’s rapprochement with the Iranians with deep suspicion.

At 10:45 ET, Obama is set to address the American people who undoubtedly have all manner of questions about America's new best friend in the Mid-East.