Dutch Politician: Male Refugees Are "Testosterone Bombs," Must Be Locked Up To Save Women From "Sexual Jihad"

Earlier today, we brought you footage from riots that took place on Monday in the Netherlands.

When the town of Heesch attempted to hold a meeting to discuss the prospect of placing some 500 refugees, around 1,000 demonstrators arrived to storm town hall. “The atmosphere turned nasty”, to quote AFP, and ultimately, police were forced to use “extra powers” to disperse the crowd.

The riots came just hours after far-right Dutch politician Geert Wilders aired a new campaign spot for his Freedom Party.

“Wilders's views have already proved controversial,” AFP reminds us. “He is expected to go on trial in March for inciting racial hatred after pledging in local elections that he would ensure there will be ‘fewer Moroccans’ in the country.” Here’s the clip:

But trial or no trial, Moroccans or no Moroccans, Wilders’s party is expected to put up its best ever showing in the next parliamentary elections, due in 2017. Were elections held today, polls show The Freedom Party would grab some 36 seats in the 150-seat Lower House.

Needless to say, the party’s cause has gotten a boost from the wave of sexual assaults that occurred across Europe on New Year’s Eve.

Not one to let a good crisis go to waste, Wilders's new video finds the PVV leader calling on European officials to "lock up" male refugees in asylum centers in ordert to save the bloc's women from "Islamic testosterone bombs." 

"We have seen what they are capable of," Wilders continues, "it's sexual terrorism, a sexual jihad." 

Fortunately, Wilders has a "solution": "I propose we lock the male asylum seekers up in the asylum centers."