The "Potentially Epic" Winter Blizzard As Seen From Space

On Wednesday we noted with some amusement that the “historic” winter blizzard that’s set to slam the east coast had been upgraded to a “potentially epic winter blockbuster.”

The best thing about “potentially epic winter blockbusters” is that they pave the way for “potentially epic” weather scapegoating from the BES, who last year learned that the American public (not to mention the market) is apparently fine accepting double-adjusted GDP data.

With the weather punditry’s hyperbole knob turned all the way up to eleven, the BEA has all the PR cover it needs to whip out triple seasonal adjustments and "calculate" that Q1 GDP did not really contract but when you melt the snow on a pro forma, "non-GAAP" basis, GDP likely grew by some $50 billion or more.

Well as the storm rolls in and promises to blanket the northeast in two feet of economic activity crushing snow and ice, we get a look at the “potentially epic” system from space and it’s, well, epic.

As for all of the retailers who just three months ago blamed abysmal performance on warm weather, they'll now be completely free to reverse course and pin any upcoming comps misses on the "winter blockbuster" shown above.

As you can see, everyone from "Fat Jack" to cabinet discounters are closing up shop ahead of the blizzard. 

Meanwhile, panicked shoppers have turned grocery stores into a bad day in Caracas:

Nicolas Maduro would be proud.