Meet Your "Apolitical" Federal Reserve

Moments after the "disestablishment" Ted Cruz (even if Goldman may have a lien or two on said disestablishmentarianism), was announced to be the winner of the Iowa Caucus, a most unexpected commentator appeared among the flood of the otherwise traditional Twitter drivel with what can only be classified as the pinnacle of polarizing political commentary.

What is most surprising is that the source of this commentary was none other than the entity that is, at least in theory, supposed to be the most apolitical organization in the US: the Federal Reserve, and specifically the Fed which spawned current Fed Chairwoman Janet Yellen, the San Fran Fed.

The tweet in question appeared at precisely 10:56pm Eastern, or 7:45pm Pacific, and it was the following:


Oh wait, that's right: moments after said tweet, the SF Fed realized what an epic snafu it had done, and promptly deleted the tweet.

Luckily, we caught it so everyone can enjoy the farce of the "apolitical" Fed, and its employees, in action:

We wonder: does the San Fran Fed deny there is any truth to this tweet? Or maybe, like the Dallas Fed, it simply does not keep a log of what it tweets?

That aside, perhaps the San Francisco Fed and its staffers can explain what "matters"?

Is it Goldman Sachs? Or JPMorgan?

Or any other bank that the "Board" has decided it is time to bailout?

Because suddenly an entire nation is curious if not a state of 3 million Americans, then what exactly "matters" to the apolitical Federal Reserve whose purpose is to serve, well, the people of America?