The Full Summary Of U.S. Banks' Energy And Commodity Exposure

As this website exclusively reported three weeks ago, under explicit guidance by the Dallas Fed and associated regulatory pressure, US lenders have been instructed to not only not accelerate energy company counterparty defaults but to suspend energy loan book MTM entirely in distressed cases to avoid contagion concerns.

Questionable marks notwithstanding, in their fourth quarter earnings reports and conference calls banks had no choice but to reveal what their existing "publicly appropriate" exposure to oil and gas companies looks like.

As Janney analyst Jody Lurie wites, "banks devoted more attention to provisions, which caused some margin deterioration. Below, we included a chart laying out each firm’s energy and commodities related exposure."

So for all those looking for a comprehensive summary of publicly available data of the bank sector's exposure to oil and gas firms, here is Janney's comprehensive summary of US bank energy and commodity exposure, with the caveat that should depressed oil prices persist, all of these indicators will undoubtedly be revised drastically worse as model marks have no choice but to catch up to market reality, despite any pressure the Dallas or any other Fed may wish to exert on the US banking system.