Scope For Gold To Extend Much Higher Than $1200 Over Time, Goldman Says

Gold has reached, and so far held, notable resistance around $1200. However, as Goldman notes, there’s scope to extend much higher over time.

The current area includes the 100-wma and the trend across the highs since March ’14 (wedge resistance). It’s formed an exhaustive looking candlestick pattern and oscillators seems to be turning. Basically, it seems a good place to start a corrective pullback. The 100-wma in particular was an important pivot in determining the start of the late-’12 decline.

From a wave count perspective, the market is likely in the initial stages of a counter-trend ABC correction which could eventually retrace ~38.2% of the 5-waves from ’11 to 1,381. From a pure techs perspective, breaking from a declining wedge would initiate a medium-term target back at the start of the pattern ~1,392.

Bottom line, although 1,200-1,202 might hold in the near-term, there’s scope to extend much higher over time.

Source: Goldman Sachs