Jose Canseco Says "Everyone Should Be In Gold", Predicts $1,500 By Memorial Day

In the aftermath of the BOJ's stunning NIRP announcement in late January, virtually everyone had an opinion on what this move of sheer desperation means.

Actually scratch the "virtually" part: as we reported one week ago, none other than famous baseball slugger Jose Canseco opined when he tweeted that "Negative interest rates in Japan is blowing my mind", rhetorically asking "Who is advising Japan? Forcing banks to lend all ¥ will not get 2% inflation. It creates loanees market with even lower rates. Dumb move" and slamming the BOJ: "Bank of Japan should call them willie wonka bonds "YOU GET NOTHING. yOU LOSE!""

A few short days later, Jose took a firm stance on JPM's forecast that NIRP could go as low as -4.5% in Europe (as well as -3.45% in Japan and -1.3% in the US).

Today, this latest and perhaps most popular entrant to financial twitter took on a topic that is even more sensitive, and divisive, to the financial arena: gold.

This is what he tweeted moments ago:

Mock him? Sure go ahead, but with an opinion validated by such commentary...

... it is clear that the famous baseball slugger has done far more homework than 90% of the anti-gold crowd. His conclusion is one we, and incidentally JPM's head quant Marko Kolanovic, wholeheartedly with:

Will Jose be right? And can this sport celebrity stir up "animal spirits" among the population and force a rush into physical gold ahead of NIRP's arrival in the US?

We'll find out, but for now, this is what Jose being right would look like.