These Are The Stocks "The Big Short's" Michael Burry Owned As Of December 31

Combing through (45 days delayed) hedge fund 13F holdings reports used to be interesting work... before it became clear that hedge funds are just a herd of levered beta chasers, hobbled by years of central planning which has made a mockery of fundamental analysis, devoid of original ideas, and all rushing into the same idea dinner "special situations" with the result being the worst performance year for the "smart money" since the crisis.

Yet one person can be excluded from this group: Scion Capital's Michael Burry, the person who predicted the subprime crisis and also starred in the recent movie, "The Big Short."

Courtesy of his firm's just released 13F, we find that the investor was long some $80 million in 14 names as of December 31, with the breakdown as follows.


Since 12/31, Burry is 14 for 14 as all of his holdings are under-water...

We can only hope that Burry managed to sell out of his CYH stake (and, ironically, his various bank holdings) which he held just days after the Big Short hit the theaters in December ahead of today's Community Health devastation, or there may not be a Big Short sequel.