Super Tuesday Recap: Trump "Schlongs" GOP Field, Hillary Extinguishes "The Bern"

It was a “super” Tuesday indeed for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton who both moved closer to securing the nomination for their respective parties yesterday evening.

Trump won 7 out of eleven states in what he called “an amazing evening.” The billionaire and presumptive nominee took Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Massachusetts, Arkansas, Virginia, and Vermont in what amounted to a rout of the field.

I feel awfully good,” he told reporters in Florida.

And the rest of the field feels “awfully bad,” because the previously unthinkable is now a foregone conclusion for all intents and purposes. Barring some kind of dramatic shift in sentiment, Donald Trump is going to be to Republican nominee.

Meanwhile, Hillary is on the verge of extinguishing “The Bern,” so to speak. The Vermont senator put up a good fight, but it now appears the “Clinton” brand is simply too much for the firebrand socialist to overcome. There's a palpable backlash against Clinton in America but frankly, the polls suggest it isn't palpable enough to keep her out of The White House. Here's how things stand after Tuesday night:

Marco Rubio and John Kasich tried to convey a false sense of confidence. "Two weeks from tonight, right here in Florida, we are going to send a message loud and clear," Rubio said. When this election moves north, fasten your seat belts ... When I win Ohio, it will be a whole new day I can promise you that," Kasich remarked.

But that's all just bluster. The deck is stacked, although Cruz still has a shot.

This is "the beginning of Donald Trump bringing the Republican Party together," New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who endorsed Trump last week said, heralding Trump's victories in Florida but looking decidedly nervous about what he's signed up for. 

Trump called Rubio "the biggest loser of the night," but congratulated Cruz on his wins in Texas and Oklahoma. Clearly, that indicates that the GOP frontrunner views Rubio as a bigger threat. Rubio is an establishment candidate. If he could only manage a few wins, he would have the support of the Party. Trump knows this. If he can keep the Florida senator out of contention, the nomination is virtually assured. 

America is about to witness a showdown between a career politician voters don't trust and a billionaire promising things he can't possibly deliver. Which is great for entertainment value, but unequivocally bad for the future of American politics. That's not to say we think any of the alternatives were prefereable. They're not.

"We are NOT going to hand over our party to a dangerous con artist," Marco Rubio said on Tuesday evening. 

Yes, Marco. Yes, you sure are.