The Afghan War Explained In Two Headlines

How often do you notice during an average market day that the mainstream financial news media very often seem to run headlines that not only contradict one another entirely but sometimes emanate from the very same news wire?

Well trust us, it happens all the time. In fact, this type of epic confusion is one of the many "gifts that keeps on giving for us." For one classic example, recall the following:


... followed just one hour later by this:


Well, in case you weren’t aware, this is also the case in war and geopolitics, because if there are two areas where things are more fluid and move faster than a vacuum tube or any microwave, it’s war and backdoor diplomacy.

In the true spirit of the above, we bring you the following two headlines, the first from Reuters, and the second from WSJ, each of which purport to explain what's happening in Afghanistan: 



And the WSJ

And of course, these headlines are both from the same day.