Deutsche Bank Goes "Searching For Liquidity;" Can't Find Any

Liquidity worries are so 2015.

In the new year, there are much more pressing concerns.

Like a possibly imminent, overnight yuan float, which would quite simply torpedo every risk asset on the planet even as it would probably be just the thing Beijing’s economy needs to secure long-term stability.

And then there’s crude prices which, when you strip out the volatility and near daily OPEC headline hockey, are poised to remain suppressed in perpetuity (don’t get lost in the daily melee, this is a story about fundamentals, and from a fundamental perspective, the outlook is bearish - just look at storage overflow and Iranian supply). That means the global deflationary impulse is likely to persist and that, in turn, translates to more central bank meddling and less liquidity.

The funny thing is, although the punditry has apparently forgotten about liquidity, the issue now looms larger than ever because the junk bond liquidation is upon us, and that's just the start of what's ultimately going to be a bursting of the entire financial asset bubble central banks have inflated since 2009. HY is just ground zero for liquidity issues, and make no mistake, you're going to see this take center stage in the months ahead. 

Apparently, all of the above isn't lost on Deutsche Bank's research team (bless their hearts, because they'll all be fired in the space of 12 months as their employer crashes and burns in what will end up being the largest banking disaster in Europe's history) who are out with a rather insightful presentation on market liquidity. 

We present, below, several slides which help to underscore the fact that "liquidity" is a lot like health insurance. You don't need it until you do. But if you get sick and don't have it... well... you may well end up sleeping in a cardboard box.

And to carry that analogy further, markets are headed for Skid Row.