Dramatic Footage Shows Moment Deadly Blast Hits Turkish Capital On Sunday

It was just a month ago when Ankara was rocked by a blast triggered when a military vehicle passed a car laden with explosives. Dozens of people were killed. 

That, in turn, came shortly after a January attack in Istanbul, where a suicide bomber detonated in a public square, killing several German tourists. 

Sadly, Turkey has become a haven for violence, as the war of attrition between the Erdogan regime and the PKK claims more lives each and every month, while ISIS is occasionally scapegoated to remind everyone that this isn't about Ankara versus the Kurds, it's about the government versus "terrorists." Of course that's a farce designed solely to allow what amounts to a dictator to save face with the international community. 

On Sunday we got more violence out of Ankara, where yet another bomb has exploded causing multiple casualities.

"An explosion has ripped through a park in Ankara, killing and wounding an unknown number of people," The Telegraph writes, citing a senior security official.

According to Reuters, gunfire was heard after the explosion, which hit a transit hub in the Kizilay neighborhood.

Here is the CCTV footage that purportedly shows the blast as well as some stills from the scene:

Predictably, Ankara has now banned media coverage of the aftermath. You can bet the PKK will be blamed in a matter of hours.

Just another day in Erdogan's democratic utopia.

Oh, and who knew what, and when here?