Wedbush Warns "A Trump Victory Will Send Stocks Down 50%"

"The Fed has consistently missed every recession and every depression" says Wedbush's Ian Winer, as he explains to BNN why watching the bond market and not this week's FOMC "dot plot" is more insightful, "expecting the economy to be mired in modest growth with at most 2 rate hikes this year."

But then Winer goes full bear-tard as he opines on tomorrow's super-super-super-Tuesday noting that "people are very concerned about any outcome other than Hillary Clinton," ominously warning that "if Trump wins Florida and Ohio then the market will get very nervous."

"If Trump or Bernie Sanders wins, I would pretty much go live anywhere but here [in the US]... if either of these two become President, buy canadian real estate... and be nervous of Florida and Arizona real estate."


"If [Trump] sticks to his word and his 3rd grade economics, then we would be in trouble..."


"If Trump becomes President of this country, The S&P will go to 1,000... people are brushing it off but there is absolutely no way that this market and this economy does not get pounded."

Full interview (via BNN)...