KKK-Dressed, Nazi-Saluting Protester Beaten Up By Black Trump Supporter At Arizona Rally

Violence at a Trump rally? Hardly unexpected. However, make that violence between by a black Trump supporter who unloaded on an abusive, KKK-dressed, Hitler-saluting white protester who was being escorted out of the building, and the absurd shock value suddenly evolves to such surreal proportions one would expect a Salvador Dali portrait of Trump in the oval cabinet to emerge any day now.

As the Hill first reported, a Trump protester was punched and kicked several times while being escorted out of a rally in Tucson, Ariz., by police.  Videos show a protester in an American flag shirt holding up a picture of Trump before being punched. Another protester walking right behind him is seen wearing a white KKK-style hood. Police immediately handcuffed the attacker, a black man.

Trump called out the hooded protesters early on in the rally.  "He’s a disgusting guy," Trump said. "That is a disgusting guy, really disgusting."

This is a clip of what happened:


And now we wait for the "impartial" media (whose CTR and CPM is through the roof in the past few months thanks to the Trump phenomenon) to accuse Trump of racial violence and somehow blame him for this latest embarrassing incident.