Inflation Is Not Risen - It's The Cheapest Easter "Since Lehman"

As christians remember the fall and rise of Jesus, there is another - perhaps more important to many - rising-and-falling thing to celebrate: Egg prices are the cheapest for Easter since at least 2008...


While pork prices are soaring in China; in America, egg prices are tumbling...


Just in time for Easter...(cheapest Easter for eggs since at least 2008)


As Bloomberg notes,

Wholesale prices at stores in the U.S. Midwest have averaged $1 a dozen since mid-February, or more than 60 percent below the all-time highs seen in mid-2015, when a record bird-flu outbreak led to the death of millions of hens.


The egg industry “continues to rebuild,” and output is forecast to rebound by about 4 percent in 2016, the U.S. Department of Agriculture said March 9.

Happy Easter everyone.


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