Exposed - How Two Janet Yellen Phone Calls Saved The World

Thanks to the just released February diary of Fed chief Yellen, we now know exactly when she called Bank of England Governor (and former Goldman Sachs employee) Marc Carney and ECB President (and former Goldman Sachs employee) Mario Draghi.

Can you guess when?

The answer:


This marked the exact bottom in the market. As someone suddenly decide to panic-buy stocks right as Carney's 40 minute conversation was over - and all amid spiking CDS, collapsing bank stock prices, a Deutsche Bank which even the "serious" media outlets said was near bankruptcy, surging Yuan vol, and "real" crashing earnings expectations:


And that is how, with just  two phone calls, Janet Yellen saved the world.


Unrigged, efficient markets for all:


Did we just get the closest glimpse of Keyser Soze the global Plunge Protection Team communication by phone call? Only the NSA knows...