Florida Airport Gives TSA The Boot, Will Outsource Screening To Private Company

It goes without saying that if the people of any country want something done efficiently, and in the most cost-efficient manner, they do it themselves or outsource it to private third-party service providers, instead of entrusting it to a bunch of bureaucrats and unmotivated government workers.

Finally, airports in the United States are starting to come to that realization as well. So far, private security agents monitor at least 22 airports in major cities like San Francisco and Kansas City. The latest airport to replace the TSA is the Punta Gorda Airport in Florida.

As Sputnik reports, Florida's Punta Gorda airport has begun to privatize security, taking the keys away from the what according to many is America's most inept, inefficient and often, grotesquely demeaning governmental organization, the TSA, and handing them over to a firm called ISS Action, a security company out of Queens, New York.

Sadly, ISS Action and similar private companies won’t take complete control of security operations at airports they operate in. Government oversight will still be in place to ensure proper safety checks are being made. 

Nonetheless, the move to privatize airport screening will prove to be better for both travelers and taxpayers, as a private organization cannot afford to be inefficient and wasteful, or it will soon find itself out of business.

Pam Seay of the Charlotte County Airport Authority said the move will save the airport money, while making security more efficient and perhaps friendlier. In other words, it will eliminate government workers.

In a congressional report released in 2012, it was found that among other things, the TSA was wasting hundreds of millions in taxpayer money as it purchased expensive technologies and forgot to use them. And certainly ignore the countless accusations of groping and abuse of personal privacy by the same "entitled" members of this organization.

Perhaps this money and all future cost savings can be redeployed to those who are getting social security taken away from them so the government can "save money."


We can only hope that just like UnitedHealth's amicable departure from Obamacare exchanges (now out of five states and growing by the day), the example set by Punta Gorda will be followed by most other airports who