Obama's Legacy, In His Own Words: "I Saved The World From A Great Depression"

As part of his World Apology Tour visit to Britain, President Obama took time to answer questions from London students. When asked about his presidential legacy, Obama said he was proud of the healthcare reforms, and added that:

"saving the world from a Great Depression – that was quite good."

Defending the sheer arrogance (and ignorance) of such a statement, he added, "I'm proud; I think I've been true to myself during this process." Truth must have a different meaning where he comes from, but of course, anyone doubting the truthiness of such a statement was hacked down to size with the now ubiquitous "Don't give up and succumb to cynics."

You have nothing to fear World but the reality itself hiding behind all this smoke and these mirrors.

Perhaps what President Obama meant to say was:

"saving the world's stock markets from a great depression - that was pretty good"...

If this is what "saving" the world looks like (near 40-year lows in employment participation), we would hate to see what it would have looked like otherwise...


Perhaps the following nine charts will provide a little more color as just what "saving the world" looks like for President Obama (red shaded section is his 'reign')...


Mission Accomplished! We leave it to Obama to summarize:

"Reject pessimism, cynicism and know that progress is possible. Progress is not inevitable, it requires struggle, discipline and faith.”

And question nothing, and reject reality in favor of propaganda, of course.Ful

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