Just Released: Listen To Boehner Calling Ted Cruz A "Luciferian Son Of A Bitch"

Just in case you were waiting for the "taken out of context" or "just kidding" excuse to come from the GOP establishment over John Boehner's earlier comments with regard to the 'luciferian, son of a bitch' Ted Cruz... none will be coming. Here is the full 97 seconds of truthiness from the mouth of the cryingest speaker America has ever known...

"[Ted Cruz] is lucifer in the flesh...I have as many Democrat friends as I have Republican and I get along with almost everyone... but I have never worked with a more miserable son of a bitch than Ted Cruz... over my dead body would he represent [Republicans]"

Boehner then went on to discuss his "friend Donald Trump."

One wonders how (or if) Cruz will talk his way out of this? Perhaps another pretend cabinet appointment?