A Summary Of The Sheer Political Chaos In Brazil In Under 150 Words

By now it should be common knowledge that having suffered an embarrassing impeachment vote last month, the political career of Brazilian president Dilma Rouseff is for all intents and purposes over, even as she refuses to step down. However, what may not be as known is just how corrupt the entire political administration in Brazil currently is, and that includes both those who spearheaded the campaign against her, as well as those who stand to benefit from her ouster.

Here, in under 150 words, is the best summary of the utter political chaos and corruption that is playing out behind the scenes in Brazil at this moment.

A Brazilian Supreme Court justice ruled on Thursday that the powerful lawmaker who orchestrated the effort to impeach President Dilma Rousseff must step down as he faces graft charges, ratcheting up tensions in the country.


And in a further blow to Brazil’s scandal-plagued political establishment, Vice President Michel Temer, the man preparing to take control of the government from Ms. Rousseff, had his conviction on charges of violating limits on campaign financing upheld earlier this week, a ruling that makes him ineligible to run for elected office for eight years.


The rulings are not expected to save Ms. Rousseff’s presidency. Support for her ouster remains strong in the Senate, which is preparing to vote next week on whether to remove her from office and put her on trial over claims of budgetary manipulation. But the decisions reflect the potential for greater political turmoil in the country.

Source: NYT