Trump's Election Should Cause US CDS Spreads to Spike, and for Good Reason

Exceprted from the NY Times and a Google search.

'Nuff said!

The comments are ridiculous. I haven't read one that even addresses the point of the post. All you who are concerned about the massive US debt load should abhor what Trump said. Think scientre. Knowingly entering into a debt agreement with the premeditated intent to default. If this is ever done, CDS spike and our borrowing costs go from one of the lowest in the developed world to one of the highest, overnight. You can't have it both ways... If you have a problem with US debt levels, then you can't condone a presidential candidate who is guaranteed to spike our debt service. Even if he pays back 90 cents on the dollar, spreads will eat that savings up in a heartbeat. Think math, not Trump Kool-aid love.

2nd edit: Since it appears there are those who don't follow the logic of the post, I'll walk through it. Anyone below, anyone, who has a problem with the amount of debt in America, the amount of debt service in America, or the ability to pay back said debt (a straw argument  since that's not how countries are financed) should turn against Trump now. You cannot be concerned about debt levels and back a man who says on international TV that he is planning to enter into debt agreements with the intention to breach them. Be aware that the US  e3ds to borrow money, and lenders are are listening and will Guaranteedly charge the US more since the commander in chief already said he will cheat them. This is not a game, and this is very different from forcing  bondholders to take a haircut or cutting debt under distress. This is Trump admitting he will lie to get the money and reneve if things don't go his way. Scienter... premeditated breach. 

So, make up your mind. If you feel there is too much debt, you're now anti-Trump, because he just admitted he will quadruple your interest bills. He will do this whether he defaults or not, so one can't even use default as a reason to back the rhetoric. 

This is typed on a cellphone, so pardon any tyoos.