Remembering The Lessons Of WWII: Putin Calls For A "Non-Aligned System Of International Security"

While celebrating V-Day (marking the day the allies accepted Nazi surrender in WWII), Russian president Vladamir Putin said that Russia is all for creating a non-aligned system of international security to counter global terror.

Picking up where Obama couldn't finish, Russia gave a complete and unrelenting pounding to ISIS in Syria (albeit to protect an interest in having Assad's regime stay in tact), and proved that it will not mess around with ISIS or any other terrorist extremists. Russia's stance was reiterated during the V-Day celebration in Moscow, where in his speech, Putin referenced the violence that these extremist groups have brought to the world, and indicated that it is a threat to be taken seriously: "Today our civilization has faced brutality and violence - terrorism has become a global threat."

Putin also implied that the evil the world faces today is akin to that of the Nazi threat during WWII, and called upon everyone to remember the lessons of history, unify, and defeat the terrorists. "The lessons of history show that peace on our planet doesn't establish itself, that you need to be on high alert. We must defeat this evil, and Russia is open to join forces with all countries and is ready to work on the creation of a modern, non-aligned system of international security."

Of course, even after seemingly extending an olive branch to the United States, Putin couldn't resist taking a quick jab at the Obama Administration's complete incompetence when it comes to its handling of ISIS, noting that one of the lessons that should be learned from history is that "double standards, and short-sighted indulgence to those who are nurturing new criminal plans" is unacceptable.

Make no mistake about it, Putin is positioning himself yet again as the strong leader that Obama clearly is not. As the U.S. continues to lose credibility around the world, Putin is making sure to take every opportunity to be there for everyone when they need real leadership - who could have possibly seen that coming.