Bernie Beats Hillary (Again) In West Virginia

NBC projects Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump to win the West Virginia primaries.

While Bernie's hope are mathematically still alive, as Politico explains, his last best hope rests on a swing in superdelegates as Sanders continuing gains may sway them towards his popularity (as opposed to the establishment)...

Entering Tuesday night, Clinton leads Sanders 1,705 to 1,415 in pledged delegates and 523 to 39 in superdelegates, an overall lead of 2,228 to 1,454. With only 926 pledged delegates remaining, Sanders' hopes rest with superdelegates deciding to abandon Clinton in large numbers.


The Clinton campaign is confident enough that that won't happen that, in recent weeks, it has turned its attention largely to Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee.


Clinton is facing criticism in West Virginia for remarking in March that she intended to "put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business." The comment came in the context of her plans to find jobs for those workers in new industries, but it went over terribly in the state.


But she did not kick off her week of campaigning in West Virginia. Instead, on Monday, Clinton was in a café in the affluent Northern Virginia suburbs of Washington, D.C., where she courted women with a discussion on the importance of a "work-life balance."

Trump continues to close on Clinton once again...

As The FT reports, while Donald Trump fights with the Republican party, its presidential candidate has also created a conundrum for Hillary Clinton who must decide how to respond to his tough rhetoric and frequent policy shifts.

“There is a frustration that he is playing by different rules, but there is a belief that it has got to catch up with him,” said one person close to the Clinton campaign, adding that there was no consensus over the best response.


The emergence of Mr Trump as the presumptive Republican nominee has sparked a debate inside the Clinton campaign over how she should respond to a man who has convinced many Republican voters — and some Democrats and independents — that he is an authentic anti-establishment candidate.

"No Fair!!" you're only allowed to play by the establishment rules!!