"Was Ist Sex" - These Are The Disturbing Cartoons Germany Uses To Teach Sex To Refugees

Over the past year, Germany has gone to great lengths in its attempt to culturally integrate the hundreds of thousands of middle-eastern refugees that entered the nation as a result of Angela Markel's now defunct overly welcoming immigrant policies.

Just in January, Germany created a leaflet that it handed out to "sexually frustrated" immigrants at local swimming pools to teach them proper poolside etiquette. As we reported then, "in Bavaria, swimming pools issued leaflets with simple pictorial instructions on behaviour for migrants who may never have swum in public before.  Officials dreamed up the leaflets in 2013 after witnessing an increasing number of "problems" at the city's 18 public swimming pools. The ground rule of respect for women – whatever clothing they're wearing – is unfortunately not respected by all our swimmers. That's why there is an explicit indication about it," a Munich city spokesman said."

The "explicit indication" the spokesman mentioned was a creepy first-person view of a hand reaching out to touch the behind of an unsuspecting female swimmer:

This, according to Germany, was unacceptable, as was drowing others (#4 below), pushing women into the pool (#3 below), and leaping from the side onto a screaming blonde (#7 below).


And now, ostensibly because the pamphlet has "surprisingly" failed to change decades of behavioral conditioning and cultural traditions, Germany has taken its "cartoon-based" educational campaign to a whole new level.

We present "Was ist Sex?"

As UPI reports, with a heavy dose of their typical bluntness, the German government has created a website, http://www.zanzu.de, dedicated to teaching the influx of Middle Eastern immigrants the ins and outs of sex, literally and figuratively, in German culture.

In some places, the site offers advice on how to interact with, and be respectful of, gays and lesbians and members of the opposite sex. In other places, the site is a de facto instruction manual for how to have sex in different ways and in different positions.

The site is adorned with cartoon illustrations of various sex acts that are equally graphic and clinical.

One section deals explicitly with young people trying to lose their virginity. It offers a helpful tip for the big night: "Make sure that no one can disturb you." It goes on to describe the various sensations and emotions people have when losing their virginity.

Another page shows anatomically detailed images of various vaginas (clearly NSFW) as well as penises.  

There are sections dedicated to revealing all there is to know about both the female body...


... as well as the male.


One section breaks down the body's erogenous zones. Another section deals with pornography, and specifically address the topica issue if one suffers from "too much pornography"

Pornography can become a problem if you do it very often, without having it under control. If you have the feeling that you need everyday pornography and need more and more, you can also speak with a healthcare person.

The site, which cost the German Federal Center for Health Education $136,000 to create, is intended to help bridge the gap between the typically reserved Middle Eastern attitudes about sex and the more open German approach, where public nudity is not uncommon and frank conversations about sex are the norm.

As UPI adds, "while the website might make more prudish Americans giggle or blush, the issue of sexual norms has, at times, been anything but a joke in Germany as tens of thousands of Middle Eastern refugees have struggled to integrate themselves into German society."

A rash of sexual assaults, some allegedly committed by asylum seekers, were reported across the country on New Year's Eve.  In Bavaria, the local government has begun offering classes for Middle Eastern men on how to properly approach and converse with German women so as not to be offensive.

Good luck.

Meanwhile, here are some of the cartoons that Middle-eastern refugees should supposedly be familiar with in Germany before interacting in polite German society, many of which appear to have been pulled right out of a high school biology textbook. The captions belong to Germany.

Foreplay Example 1: A woman caressing a man

Foreplay Example 2: A Man and a Woman cuddling.

Foreplay Example 3: A man and woman kissing

Foreplay Example 4: A man licking a woman's breast

A man and a woman have sexual intercourse

A man giving a woman oral sex

A woman gives a man oral sex


A woman and man lying in bed. Both want to have sex.

A man who met a woman

Two men who have anal sex

A lesbian couple having sex

* * *

For those who need to brush up on their "sex", there is much more in this official German website which appears to serve as the cultural bridge between Europe and the Middle East.