Trump Lashes Out At Clinton's Hypocrisy: "No More Guns To Protect Hillary!"

As the Clinton campaign continues to stumble along trying to figure out just how to attack Trump, The Donald is wasting no time showing Hillary how that's done.

Trump has already put together the narrative he plans to use in order to defeat Clinton this fall, and the plan is very simple: Paint Hillary as a crooked, untrustworthy candidate who wants to confiscate everyone's guns.

Fresh off of receiving the NRA's endorsement, Trump fired up his twitter account this morning and immediately got to work on just that. The Donald called out Hillary's gun control hypocrisy by saying that if Clinton wants to get rid of guns, then that mandate should include the bodyguards that travel with Clinton as protection.

As The Hill reports,

Speaking to the NRA on Friday, Trump repeatedly railed against Clinton, calling her “the most anti-gun, anti-Second Amendment candidate ever to run for office.”


Repeatedly slamming her as “heartless Hillary,” Trump on Friday also called for Clinton’s Secret Service protection to disarm.


“Let’s see how they feel walking around without their guns and their bodyguards,” he said.


Trump promised to not let the NRA down after his endorsement was announced, and while what he would do in the White House remains to be seen, The Donald is quickly capitalizing on his recent NRA momentum by immediately going after Hillary. And that, (cc: Clinton campaign), is how effective branding is done.