"We're Hungry And Tired" - Protesters In Venezuela March Toward Presidential Palace Demanding Food

Last month we showed just how severe the collapse in Venezuela had become, as starving Venezuelans took to looting supermarkets and other food dispensaries in search of whatever food could be found.

Despite having the world's biggest oil reserves, Venezuelans are suffering from severe shortages of food and electricity, on top of inflation that makes it difficult to buy anything to begin with. Angry citizens have had enough, and again took to the streets yesterday to march on the presidential palace, Chanting "No more talk. We want food!".  Once protesters were within about a half dozen blocks of the palace, police in riot gear blocked the road and began firing tear gas.

A protester named Jose Lopez said he and several others were neither government supporters nor opposition members, they just wanted food: "We have needs. We all need to eat" Lopez told journalists. Another protester said "I've been here since 8 in the morning. There's no more food in the shops and supermarkets. We're hungry and tired."

As citizens literally starve, Maduro blames the fall in global oil prices and an "economic war" by his foes seeking a coup for the issues his country is facing. "Every day, they bring out violent groups seeking violence in the streets. And every day, the people reject them and expel them." Miguel Perez, the government's top economic official, said "we know this month has been really critical. It's been the month with lowest supply of products. That's why families are anxious. We guarantee things will improve in the next few weeks."

Unfortunately, the crisis worsens every day in Venezuela, and people aren't going to wait weeks before they can get enough to feed their families. With the decision whether or not to hold a recall referendum to oust Maduro officially put on hold, the scene is set for the crisis to become even more severe.

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