ISIS Takes Credit For Downed Paris Suburb Hostagetaker Who Killed One Policeman

Update 2: ISIS has promptly taken credit

Update: the police have raided the location where the suspect has taken the wife and son of a killed policeman, and have "neutralized" him. According to the interior ministry, the wife has been tragically killed but the child is safe.

The details about the assailant and his motives remain unknown as of this moment.

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It may well be nothing, but at a time when focus on any potential terrorist activity is at an unprecedented high, it is worth noting that moments ago the AFP reported that French anti-terror police has surrounded a house used by a man who allegedly killed a policemen and then took hostages in the Paris suburb of Magnanville.

As BNO News adds, the French police have surrounded a residence in Magnanville, just outside of Paris, where a family is being held hostage after the killing of a police officer. Only few details were immediately available.

The incident began at around 8:30 p.m. local time on Monday when a man approached a police officer outside his house in Magnanville and killed him.  The 45-year-old officer was attacked while returning home from work at about 9:00 p.m. local time, AFP reported, citing a source. According to RFI, the attacker then took the officer’s wife and son hostage in the home.

The ‘Elite Raid’ police officers were on the scene and a security perimeter was established, the report said.

A motive was not known but Reuters France reported: “Some neighbors believe hearing Islamist slogans proffered by the abuser.”

By 11:30 p.m., hostage negotiators had been able to make contact with the suspect, according to an interior ministry spokesman. He provided no details about a possible motive for the killing and hostage-taking, but the elite police unit RAID is at the scene.

The police officer who was killed was identified by local media as 40-year-old commander Jean-Baptiste Salvaing. It is believed the suspect may have been a neighbor of the victim.

Magnanville is located in Yvelines, about 50 kilometers (31 miles) northwest of Paris.

This is a developing story.