First Brexit Poll After Jo Cox Death Reveals Stunning Result

Before the assassination of British MP Jo Cox, the "Leave" campaign had been surging in recent polls...

This was before The IMF unleashed their own version of "we are all doomed" and before Ms. Cox was murdered.

The sad death of pro-EU British MP Jo Cox prompted a buying spree in Sterling that carried on through today as hope sprung eternal that her assassination (and the efforts to politicize the actions of a mad man) would lead to either a delayed vote or sympathetic pro-EU "Remain" swing. JPMorgan hinted before the close that was not the case and now, as USA Today reports, the first post-Cox poll reveals a shocking swing in "Remain" voters...

British support for remaining in the European Union has weakened in the wake of the murder of the pro-EU politician Jo Cox, according to an online research company Friday.


Qriously, a London-based technology start-up that gathers data and intelligence about consumers through mobile phone apps, found that backing among likely voters for Britain's EU membership has dropped to 32% from 40% before her death.


The poll was based on 1,992 British adults surveyed on June 13-16, and then 1,002 on June 17 — the day after Cox was shot and killed in northern England. The start-up claims to have held the first such survey on the topic since the lawmaker's slaying. Most of Qriously’s surveys are done for corporate brands and it has not been previously conducted an EU referendum poll.


Respondents were asked: "Imagine the EU referendum were held today. Would you vote for the U.K. to remain a member of the European Union, or leave the European Union?" They were given three options: "Remain in the EU," "Leave the EU," or "Don't know."

While liquidty is extremely thin, Cable has slid a little on the news in late trading...


With news that The Times newspaper has come out in support of the "Remain" campaign (while The Sun, The Spectator, and The Telegraph all support "Leave"), the fact that Qriously found that 52% will vote to leave the bloc in a national referendum on June 23 (unchanged from before the parliamentarian's death) is telling to the social divide in Britain, but the weakening support for remaining in the EU coincided with a large move toward "Don't know," which leaped to 16% from 9% before Cox's assassination.

The major British polling firms, including YouGov, were expected to release their first EU opinion surveys following Cox's murder over the weekend.

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In a surprisingly late release - one can only imagine in response to the poll above - BMG/Herald has released poll which - surprise, surprise - shows a big lead for "Remain"...


Completely out of line with all recent polls... But digging into the numbers, we get a different picture...


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