How Angela Merkel Tried To Politicize The Murder Of UK Lawmaker Jo Cox

We present the following comments by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, as given earlier today and captured by AFP and Bloomberg, "as is", to not be accused of adulterating a statement which we are confident many Britons will find quite disturbing due to Merkel's attempt to politicize a tragic murder, and impart an ideological, political motive to a tragic event which as even the Guardian reported earlier, may well have been at the hands of a "mentally ill" man.

* * *

German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Friday urged British politicians to moderate the language used in their campaigns ahead of the Brexit vote while calling for an end to radicalization after a popular pro-Europe MP was murdered. Here is a compilation of what she said via AFP and Bloomberg:

The to some extent total exaggeration and radicalization of the debate doesn’t contribute to facilitating such respect. So for all of us who value democratic rules, we know how important it is to establish boundaries in one’s choice of language and argument as well as the choice in a sometimes disparaging way of arguing -- and to engage with respect those who think and believe and love differently.

“Otherwise it will be difficult to stop radicalization. Politics can’t solve everything, but it can contribute to ensuring in what manner we engage in disagreement -- and this terrible murder reminds us all always to take this to heart.”

"The broad lesson to be drawn from this must be that we need to engage each other with respect even if we have differing political views."

"That's why we all value democratic game rules. And we know how important it is to draw limits, be it in the choice of speech, in the choice of the argument but also in the choice of partly disparaging argument."