Saudi Foreign Minister Meets Obama, Urges "More Aggressive Approach To Syria"

Earlier today, when breaking down the "mutiny" at the State Department which as the WSJ reported saw over 50 staffers demand that military strikes be launched against Syria to eliminated president Assad "as the only way to defeat the Islamic State", we suggested that one of the untold motives behind this surprising revolt, a very disturbing one, is that this was merely a trojan horse proposal to push the Saudi agenda.

As we hinted, the US may be merely pandering to Saudi demands, something it has clearly done very well ever since the Sep 11 attacks which covered up Saudi involvement:

The cable also echoes the growing impatience among U.S. Gulf allies with the lack of military intervention targeted at the Damascus government to force Mr. Assad to resign and make way for a transitional government. Peace talks between Syria’s government and opposition collapsed in April over Mr. Assad’s fate, with the regime insisting he should stay in power, while the negotiated cease-fire continued to disintegrate. Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have pressed the U.S. to provide more sophisticated weapons to rebels. But Washington has resisted.

In other words, if the US does fold and proceeds with military strikes, i.e. full blown invasion and war, on Assad, it will once again be Saudi Arabia that is running US foreign policy, and pushing the US nation into what may be a state of open war with Russia.

As we concluded "we can only hope the American people wake up and stop this travesty before Saudi Arabia's favorite presidential candidate is elected president."


Then moments ago, the Saudi foreign minister Adel al Jubeir who is visiting the US and just concluded a meeting with President Obama confirmed just that when he said that "Saudi Arabia supports a more aggressive military approach in Syria to get Assad to agree to a political solution."

In other words, he is urging Obama, or rather not the lame duck president, but rather his replacement, to fight a way for Saudi Arabia, one which may result in another far more serious war, that with Russia.

Which, of course, explains our article from early this week, namely the stunning admission by the Saudi Crown Prince that "Saudi Arabia Has Funded 20% Of Hillary's Presidential Campaign." We can already guess what one of president Hillary's first foreign policy decisions will be: sending even more US troops to fight an offensive Saudi war against the sovereign state of Syria.

And then, in another curious admission, Jubeir also backtracked on his warning from mid-April in which he said that pursuing legal action against the Saudis over Sept 11 would lead to the Kingdom's dumping of hundreds of billions in US reserves, and instead is now encouraging the release of the classified 28 pages on the September 11 attacks.

Well, if the Saudis are ok with it, what is Obama waitinf for?