Armed Man Breaks Into Venezuela's Central Bank - Crime In Progress

In addition to violent, and often deadly, looting taking place at virtually every Venezuela venue that still has food, moments ago Reuters reported that - in what appears to be a crime in progress - an armed man has broken into Venezuela's central bank, and employees were hunkered down in their offices, two sources inside the institution said on Monday.

"An armed person got in," one of the sources said by text message from the office in downtown Caracas. "We're shut in our office. We don't know what's happening."

There was no official word from the bank or other Venezuelan authorities.

There was also no official word on what if anything the armed robber was hoping to find inside the bank which has been as looted of any valuables by the Maduro regime, as virtually every other place in the devastated socialist nation.

Then again, once the robber lands in prison for what will surely be a lengthy prison sentence, he will at least have a bed, a roof, 3 square meals and all the toilet paper he could need, much more than his impoverished peers, and all provided for by that socialist archetypal ideal: "other people."

In retrospect, not a bad plan.

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