Obama Administration Launches Probe Into Trump Hotel Workers' Wages

We are sure it is just a coincidence; but, as Politico reports, Hillary-endorsing President Obama's Labor Department has just unveiled a probe into workers' wages at GOP Presidential nominee Donald Trump's DC Hotel...


As Politico details,

The Labor Department is investigating whether workers on Donald Trump’s renovation of Washington, D.C.’s Old Post Office are being paid less than federal law requires.


The Labor Department confirmed to POLITICO that it’s looking into allegations of wage-rule violations by the Craftsmen Group, a Trump Organization subcontractor that restores windows. And workers on the site, including one Craftsmen Group employee, told POLITICO that they and others aren’t receiving pay rates mandated by law. Two of them produced pay stubs to support their claims.


Since the allegations involve a subcontractor, neither the Trump Organization nor the general contractor is under investigation directly and may not be legally liable. But union activists say the complaints reflect badly on Trump.


“It’s yet another example of Donald Trump’s relentless hypocrisy and gross mistreatment of workers,” said Josh Goldstein, a spokesman for the AFL-CIO. The labor federation endorsed Hillary Clinton last week for president, and for months has been highly critical of Trump's campaign.


Nikki Lewis, executive director of D.C. Jobs with Justice, a coalition of labor organizations, said, "We have to make sure that Trump and any other developer who wants to do business in the District will comply with our laws and respect our employees." D.C. Jobs With Justice does not endorse political candidates


A spokesperson for the Trump Organization said the company was not aware of the Labor Department investigation. "Thousands of workers have worked on the conversion of the Old Post Office to the Trump International Hotel Washington, D.C.," said the spokesperson, who declined to be identified by name.


The spokesperson added that the project's construction manager, Lendlease, "is utilizing a sophisticated system and dedicated employees to certify that all payrolls are correct and ensure that workers are paid prevailing wages. If any issue is raised in the future, Lendlease will investigate and resolve it expeditiously.”

But then there is this...

The Craftsmen Group declined to comment on the record. A person who answered the phone told POLITICO "the matter has been settled," adding, "These are not public matters. This doesn't have to do with Donald Trump. There should be no cause for any public interest.”

Finally we note, should a subcontractor be found in violation of wage laws by the Labor Department or some other investigating body, the Trump Organization won’t likely be on the hook legally. The project’s general contractor, Lendlease, may share some liability, and a GSA spokesperson said that if the subcontractors’ alleged violations proved serious enough the Trump organization might choose to terminate its contract with Lendlease.

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